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11 May 2019

One question seems to crop up on a very regular basis... can you really make money by following the advice of tipsters, and the systems, methods, and strategies sold on the internet?

You would not be here reading this article if you knew the definitive answer to that question. But today I am going to give you a definitive answer: YES..... and NO.

Not quite so definitive, I agree, and I'm really sorry to be so ambiguous. But let me take a step back to explain what I mean.

You see, we have all bought systems promoted by the slick marketing organisations on the internet, and probably also bought a few that we have stumbled across when surfing late at night. We buy into the promises of making a quick buck, and earning easy money. I certainly know I have been "sold the dream" on more than a few occasions.

More than likely, at first you made some headway with a newly promoted system, but only to see profits tail off quickly, to the point even where you were losing money. Eventually you probably deleted the system from your hard drive, and assumed you had been duped by some charlatan internet marketer.

But I'm here to tell you that not all systems sellers and online tipsters are out to scam punters of their money. Because there is an explanation for a systems poor performance, and if you read all the way through this lesson I will show you how to profit from any system that does have a true "edge" over the market.

What generally happens when a new system Tipster review  hits the market, is that it starts out profitable, but as the marketing juggernaut rolls along, and more and more copies are sold, the prices available on selections are gradually eroded. Even though the markets on Betfair may appear huge, it is surprising how easily prices can be reduced, and as we all know, price and value are the key ingredients to making profit. It only takes a small swing in the price for a system to move from being profitable to unprofitable.


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